Northern Fisheries is committed to product safety, traceability, and sustainability.

About Northern Fisheries

Northern Fisheries specializes in the highest quality seafood the world has to offer. Our products are carefully sourced from some of the most pristine areas in the world including Alaska, Norway, Chile, Ecuador, Bali, Peru, Iceland, Canada, Vietnam & New England.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, safe, sustainable, and fully traceable frozen seafood products while providing a high level of customer service. Our full line of diversified seafood products range from a wide array of finfish species including Salmon, Tuna, Sword, Mahi, Cod, Sole, Haddock , Pollock, Perch, Snapper, Swai, Tilapia, along with Scallops, value added products, & various species of crab, lobster, & shrimp etc. Over 400 different seafood products in total!

We are fully committed to working closely with our customers and catering to their needs. Innovation and diversification are two words that define our mission to constantly be changing with the times and the needs of our customers. We look forward to working with you.

Product Safety, Traceability, And Sustainability!